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Tramontana R - 720hp Twin-Turbo V12

By TorqueStats - Friday 27th February
Fancy popping down to the shops in your own F1 car, you can even take the wife.
Well it looks unusual shall we say. A certain Spanish flair underpins the creative genius that is the Tramontana R, a 720hp twin turbo V12 road going track car. That's going to shift a bit then.

Made from some very special materials and composites, lightweight and powerful is the recipe for a car that embodies the F1 spirit for the road. The cockpit has been taken straight out of Top Gun so you can have your very own Goose looking out for bogies en-route to Tescos.

Talking of films, why not take a look at the promotional video, the hollywood style narration is meant to wet the appetite... we think?

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