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Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet
Year Introduced 1965
Kerb Weight 1000kg
Engine Type Flat 4
Valves 8 valve
Cylinders 4 cylinder
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Displacement 2276 cc
Drive RWD
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Engine Location Rear Mounted
BHP 163
Torque (lbs/ft) 157
Wheel Power N/A
BHP/Ton 166
0-60mph 6.5s
0-100mph 17.7s
60-100mph 11.2s
1/4 Mile 15.48s
Terminal Speed 91mph
Top Speed (mph) N/A
Welcome to wellsy's Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet...
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She had already been ?restored? in about 1980 but only in an attempt to keep her on the road. This gave her another 10 years of life but again she became terminally ill, although still looking quite decent. In fact the pictures at the top were taken before her current restoration which started in 2000.
Since then she has been converted to right hand drive, using original right hand drive chassis and pedals, and a dash from a poor donor, then all 4 quarter were replaced with NOS panels, including doors and bonnet.

The current restoration started in 2000 with One-on-One restorations replacing the majority of the body work. They also converted her to right hand drive and did quite a few other modifications which can be seen on the build pages.

Bought as an unfinished project in 2005. A plan of 9 months turned into 18 with finally (although not quite) the finishing of the hood and interior were completed in 2007 ready for some use at last!

Over 40 years after she rolled from the Karmann production line she is now ready for the next 40......
The engine is a Beetle (type 1) block although it has had a few modern performance parts added to the mix. It now displaces 2276cc 2.3 litres were the original engine in the car would have been 1500cc. It is also now fuel injected with twin 45mm Venvey throttle bodies and an ECU from DTAfast.co.uk

The engine is also a little unusual as it has been built using SuperSquishie pistons, (these are a special design by AirCooled.Net which adds a lump of of weighted material to the face of the piston crown) these in conjunction with the DTA fuel injection gives a very flat torque curve and a cooler running engine.

The front suspension has a 2 1/2? narrowed beam which allows for the 7? front wheels to tuck under the wheel arches. Connected to the beam are lowered stub axles and modified 944 hubs. These then hold the vented 289mm x 20mm disks and Porsche 4 pot calipers.

The rear IRS swing arms are again from a 944 Porsche therefore the vented 299mm x 24mm disks and calipers are just bolt on items. The only modification is for the hand brake cable which comes from Kerscher in Germany. The torsion bars also come from a 944 to stiffen the rear.

Capacity : 2276cc 82mm x 94mm
Aluminum case 8mm head studs
82mm one piece forged crank
CB Super Rods 5.5? VW Journals
Cylinders :
94mm Super Squishie pistons ?B?
Heads :
Street Eliminator 44x37
Scat Pro 1:25 rockers
NGK-R BPR5E plugs
Induction :
DTA Fuel Injection
Jenvey 45mm throttle bodies
MSD Coil
Cooling :
Sharpebuilt fan shroud,
type4 oil cooler
when dyno?d a modified 1 3/4? VWSpeedshop
wrapped header and muffler

Gene Berg 5 Speed
GB 5 speed shifter
Rhino case
Quaife ATB diff 37 spline
3.88 Rack&Pinion magnafluxed
3.78 1st chromoly
2.21 2nd chromoly
1.48 3rd welded
1.12 4th welded
0.82 5th
steel shift forks
HD side plate
type 2 output shafts

CNC hydraulic clutch
G.W.D Gearbox brace mounts
Bugpack race axles
944 100mm CV joints
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