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Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo
Year Introduced 1998
Kerb Weight 1290kg
Engine Type Straight 5
Valves 20 valve
Cylinders 5 cylinder
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement 1998 cc
Drive FWD
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Engine Location Front Mounted
BHP 345 @ 6700rpm
Torque (lbs/ft) N/A
Wheel Power 255
BHP/Ton 272
0-60mph 4.9s
0-100mph 10.4s
60-100mph 5.5s
1/4 Mile 12.72s
Terminal Speed 112mph
Top Speed (mph) 181
Welcome to napraznicu's Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo...
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1/4 Mile Timeslip:
Standard weight of the car was about 1385kg. At the moment of ET 12.72 : weight ~1280 ; romanian fuel 99+ (probably 96 for real) ; FCP ; rain slicks ; No vht -just regular asphalt.

The dyno graph is made with a gtech2 chip.. Now the car runs a more adequate remap (345bhp).
walbro gss340, HEL brake hoses, ATP gt2860rs a/r64, 16vt injectors (380cc/3.5bar=~440cc), route 88 10liter FMIC with custom water spray,adjustable BOV, forge adjustable 5bar fuel reg., blitz dual-solenoid EBC, group N padle clutch with standard pressure plate,novitec track suspension(30mm lower), cutom gearbox and engine mounts,custom intake(standard mainfold),custom stainless steel exhaust 60.3mm ,novitec end, sparco bucket(7.5kg), OMP 5point belt,aircon radiator out and water radiator moved 30mm front, Ground Zero gel 25A battery....
For next year : engine rebuilt(forged), 3th+4th gears shortened, reducing weight to about 1180kg, larger intake mainfold,front fuel tank, gt3076r, tubular mainfold with t3 flange,Flea remap or standalone. I'm expecting about 12sec on normal surface and 11.6 vht.

Later Edit: Turbo is 3582r 0.63 instead of 3076r... I bought stilo 2.4 crankshaft and stilo heads. I bought too a dedra awd transmission,but this upgrade I'll put on the car later.

19 oct 2011 - After some bodywork, weight is now.. 969kg(as you can see in last photo).. without cooling liquid, rear bumper(so will run at dragstrip) , driver and with only 7liters of fuel.But with Standard wheels and brakes (very heavy as you know).I think there's room for better (maybe about 830kg), if I'll use a lighter rims, smaller brakes(and parachute),front drag slicks and rear draglites ,standard fuel tank replaced with 10L aluminium tank that I already have, fiberglass bonnet/doors/trunk.. I'm very happy, because the standard weight of 1385kg's was biggest drawback in terms of FWD drag performance
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