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Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo
Year Introduced 1998
Kerb Weight 1310kg
Engine Type Straight 5
Valves 20 valve
Cylinders 5 cylinder
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement 1998 cc
Drive FWD
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Engine Location Front Mounted
BHP 502 @ 7493rpm
Torque (lbs/ft) 397 @ 6057rpm
Wheel Power 455
BHP/Ton 389
0-60mph 4.9s
0-100mph 9.7s
60-100mph 4.8s
1/4 Mile 11.94s
Terminal Speed 121mph
Top Speed (mph) 190
Welcome to Flea's Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo...
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This is currently the fastest Fiat Coupe 20vt in the UK, maybe the world!

Still front wheel drive, still 2 litre, still a road car but she's just at home on the drag strip or track. This summer has seen two 11 second passes on the 1/4 mile at Santa Pod with a personal best of 11.94 @ 121mph.

Plenty of track action in 2007 having driven at Castle Combe three times and Silverstone this year. Also competed in the annual TOTB tournament at York airfield, the biggest modified car competition in the UK. The highlight of the year was competing in the inaugural Fighting Torque event at Wattisham airfield, which pitched 92 "supercars" against each other over a 3/4 mile drag race. A few modified cars were invited for comparison and I have to say despite some issues with 5th gear fueling limiting the top speed, the coupe managed a fantastic placing of 25/92 winning all 5 races on the day.

A final highlight of the year was a Redline Magazine session at Santa Pod which featured a small handful of modified cars. Using the industry standard Datron timing gear, I had the car measured over 0-60mph, 0-100mph and the 1/4 mile. I have to say I was pretty pleased with the results as the car wasn't running quite right on the day with a missfire limiting boost to 1.4bar.

Roll on next season!

Visit FCCUK for all things Fiat Coupe
Garrett GT3076R 0.64 Turbo
- Ported Shroud
FC Performance Stage 2 Cylinder Head
Wossner Forged Pistons
Pauter Forged Rods
Ported & Matched High Flow Manifold
Colombo & Bariani "Fast Road" Cams
- custom timing
Aquamist 1S (50:50 Water & Methanol)
Aquamist DDS2 (Advanced Ignition controller)
Walbro GSS340 255 l/h Fuel Pump
630cc Injectors
Bosch 3bar Fuel Pressure Regulator
3.5" MAF Housing
NGK V-Power Racing 8 Spark Plugs
Forge DV007 Recirculating Dump Valve
Oil Breather
Motul 300v Competition 15w 50
Engine Management:
FC Performance - Bosch Motronic
re-map (7850rpm limiter)

Longlife Custom 5-stud 3" SS downpipe
BlueFlame 2.75" SS exhaust system

Evo FQ400 FMIC
HKS Super Power Flow + Heat Shield
3" SS Straight Induction Pipe

Helix Single Plate 6 Paddle Clutch
Lightned/Balanced Flywheel
Koni Adjustable Dampers + Eibach Springs
(30mm drop / -1.2 camber)
Whiteline 24mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Superflex Polyurethane Bushes
H&R Hubcentric 10mm Spacers
Sparco Strut Brace

Brembo Sport Grooved Front Discs
3G 10 Grooved Rear Discs
Motul 4.1 Synthetic Racing Fluid
EBC Yellowstuff Front Pads
Textar Rear Fast Road Pads

Toyo T1R Proxes 225/45/16
Dunlop D01Js 205/50/16 (track tyres)
Hoosier Drag Radials

Apexi AVC-R Boost Controller
(Base @ 0.9bar / Lo @ 1.4bar / Hi @ 1.7bar)
AEM Wideband AFR Gauge
Blitz Boost Gauge
CG-Lock Seat Belt Harness
Photo Gallery
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Santa Pod - vs Corvette Z06 505bhp
Even though I just missed out on the win it was still worth documenting :) So it's a blown 2 litre Italian Stallion FWD vs 7 litres of American Muscle RWD! Both our cars can do an 11 second quarter but too much gas off the line bouncing on the limiter leaves the 505bhp Z06 ahead at the 60ft, 3rd gear starts to real him in but by this time it was too late and the victory goes across the pond :)
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