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Renault 5 GT Turbo
Year Introduced 1989
Kerb Weight 792kg
Engine Type Straight 4
Valves 8 valve
Cylinders 4 cylinder
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement 1397 cc
Drive FWD
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Engine Location Front Mounted
BHP 170 @ 6250rpm
Torque (lbs/ft) 164 @ 5000rpm
Wheel Power 139
BHP/Ton 218
0-60mph 5.41s
0-100mph 15s
60-100mph 9.59s
1/4 Mile 14.2793s
Terminal Speed 96mph
Top Speed (mph) 130
Welcome to Rhys's Renault 5 GT Turbo...
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I Bought this car completely original in May 2011, replaced a few items which obviously hadn't been detached from the car since it was built in 1989. Once I had a reliable pocket rocket on my hands I was able to upgrade the engine a few stages and get a bit more out of the enthusiastic 1.4 litre push rod engine.

(2011)Firming up the suspension and upgrading to some soft compound, low profile rubber the already impressive mechanical handling was further improved, and made the the 5 look mean. while keeping a standard quality about it.

The boost was turned up to 14psi from a standard 10 and the car ran 15.8@87mph at pod, slightly quicker than the manufacturer claimed time, not bad for a 25 year old car.

(2012)After obliterating the plastic intercooler, ancient boost pipes and air cooled turbo I opted for a water cooled Hybrid blower and rejetted the carb on the rollers. The car made 150bhp and as a result produced a time of 14.9@92mph at the strip.

RENAULT 5 GT turbo story part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFGY-Yy15-g

(2013)Fitting an electronic boost control and AFR gauge, I was able to tune the carb myself and ran the car at 16.75psi@11.7afr, which amounted to around 170bhp. After fitting two fibreglass Sparco seats and some agressive stripping the R5 did 14.2@96mph, making much newer cars with twice the power look stupid.
A car this old and rattly running these kind of times is REALLY GOOD FUN.
Standard 1.4 turbo block
Uprated Clutch and cable
Uprated head gasket and bolts
Double capacity alloy intercooler
T2/T25 Hybrid turbo with 360' thrust bearing
Rejetted carb:
1.2mm main
1.4mm second stage
1.2mm A/C
Air/Fuel ratio gauge
Electronic Boost Control
Boost 1: 12.5 psi/0.85 bar (11.1 afr)
Boost 2: 16.0 psi/1.1 bar (11.5 afr)
Boost Gauge
forge dump valve
samco boost hoses
K&N cone filter
2" one piece down pipe
2" Scorpion Exhaust
NGK Iridium IX plugs

Cup mod - simplified actuator control system
Manual fan switch
Sparco Fiberglass buckets
4 point drivers harness

NEW Fuel pump
NEW Water pump
NEW Alternator
NEW Brake master cyclinder

Removed rear seats
Removed spare wheel
Removed tool kit
Removed Anti perc fan

Torsion bar lowered 30mm
Front 16mm spacers
Rear 16mm spacers
gaz coilovers 40mm drop
Front Strut Brace

Clio turbine 6.5j wheels
Rear: Toyo PX4 195/45/15
Front: Toyo R1R 195/50/15

Standard R5 5.5j Speedline wheels
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