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Honda Accord Type R
Year Introduced 2001
Kerb Weight 1280kg
Engine Type Straight 4
Valves 16 valve
Cylinders 4 cylinder
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Displacement 2157 cc
Drive FWD
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Engine Location Front Mounted
BHP 222 @ 6900rpm
Torque (lbs/ft) 176 @ 6300rpm
Wheel Power 188
BHP/Ton 176
0-60mph 6.8s
0-100mph 15.35s
60-100mph 8.55s
1/4 Mile 14.49s
Terminal Speed 98mph
Top Speed (mph) 137
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H22a7 engined Accord with 5-speed box & carbon-moly 3, 4, 5 synchros. Mild weight reduction of around 2.5%. Bottom end re-shelled & re-ringed. All 16 valves recut & lapped. Cylinder head decoke. Cylinder head skim. Breathing modifications to intake & exhaust. Removal of balancer belt & tensioner. Millers Nanodrive 10w50 oil.

M-Factory 4.64 final drive fitted to enable faster in-gear acceleration, at the expense of a slightly lower indicated top speed of 143mph.

Factory ECU & map. Factory rev limiter still set at approximately 7900rpm. Top gear (5th) is 17.9mph per 1000rpm. 4th is 14.5mph per 1000rpm. 3rd is 9.8mph per 1000rpm. 2nd is 7.4mph per 1000rpm. 1st is 5.3mph per 1000rpm.

Videos can be found here :

M-Factory final drive
5.6kg ACT flywheel
ACT clutch
2.5" lightweight exhaust
4-2-1 long branch custom manifold
2.5" collector with 2.5" decat
K & N Typhoon
Disabled balancer shafts
H & R suspension kit
Ultraracing Underbracing
17" x 7 (8.2kg) Team Dynamics pro race 2 wheels
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