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Alfa Romeo Mito GTA

By TorqueStats - Monday 23th February
The new 240bhp Mito GTA is set to stir up the hot hatch landscape in Geneva
This is the first official picture of the new Alfa Mito GTA soon to be released at the Geneva Motor Show. If cars could pull an angry face then the Mito GTA would win first prize, and with good reason. Underneath the lightweight exterior lies a 240bhp direct injection 1.7 litre turbocharged lump, it's just bursting to be unleashed.

Of course power is nothing without control especially when it all comes via the front wheels. Alfa have paid close attention to the suspension with a 20mm drop in height while also incorporating advanced Sky-Hook damper control. Add to the mix some clever weight saving measures, and the Mito GTA suddenly looks like a serious competitor for its rivals.

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