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Novitec Rosso Ferrari 599 serves up 800bhp

By Leighton Wilson - Wednesday 5th November
Fed up with 611bhp in your 599 GTB? That's ok as Novitec Rosso have just added twin-superchargers.
Does the Ferrari 599 GTB really need more horses galloping along the road? The six litre V12 already punches out a whopping 611bhp, that's pretty much at the top of the tree. Of course, for some you can never have too much power and when it comes to specialist tuners Novitec Rosso, well they know their market too.

So what did they do? First up is a Bi-Kompressor, or twin superchargers, running at 0.39bar boost pressure, nothing too scary there then. Add to this a larger intercooler, custom intake manifold, high performance injectors, air filter, custom exhaust manifolds and a quad sports exhaust... pheeew, well now it's something pretty special. This is all controlled by a Novitec engine management system producing a staggering 808bhp and 607lbs/ft, plenty to be hustling along with on your local autobahn.

As for the performance figures, well there is only so much you can shave off the 0-60, but 3.5 seconds is about as good as it gets in a rwd road car. How about 0-125mph in 9.7 seconds, yes that's really quite nice. All this has been tied in with a new aero package, adjustable suspension and of course 405mm six pot Brembos for those who like to stop after their little Sunday jaunt.

No doubt it's a pretty impressive package, akin to Arnie on steroids. Oh wait, that doesn't make sense...

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