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Santa Pod - vs Corvette Z06 505bhp
Even though I just missed out on the win it was still worth documenting :) So it's a blown 2 litre Italian Stallion FWD vs 7 litres of American Muscle RWD! Both our cars can do an 11 second quarter but too much gas off the line bouncing on the limiter leaves the 505bhp Z06 ahead at the 60ft, 3rd gear starts to real him in but by this time it was too late and the victory goes across the pond :)
Santa Pod - 11.94 @ 121mph
This is the fastest 1/4 mile time for a Fiat Coupé 20vt recorded at the UK's premier drag strip Santa Pod.
Eurofest 2007 - Castle Combe
Great track day at Combe as usual although the car wasn't running quite right. The first session I forgot to check the tyre pressures which were way too low having been reduced for the dragstrip! The second session struggled with the brakes due to right inner padd having no friction material left!! I think the key phrase here is "better preparation needed!"
Fighting Torque 2007
This is the inaugural Fighting Torque drag racing event held on August 12th 2007. A selection of the fastest factory cars in the world competing in a 3/4 mile drag race at Wattisham Airfield. Despite fueling problems in 5th gear limiting the engine to 6800rpm instead 7800rpm, the Coupé managed a 25.8 @ 156mph. This was good enough to place 25/90 and win all five races!
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