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About TorqueStats.com

TorqueStats.com is all about performance cars from years gone by right up to the latest and greatest. We continue to add any car that has a place in history from hot hatches to hypercars. Our unique database makes it easy to search for the exact stats and also to make direct comparisons between any car giving you the the information that really makes a car go.

As of 24th November 2007, TorqueStats modified is live!! So what's it all about... well if you are petrolhead and want to share your pride and joy with the rest of the world then look no further. Designed purely for the car enthusiast and open to any make and model, street cars, track cars, old and new, TorqueStats modified enables you to create your very own personalised showroom. Upload photos, add videos, write about your modifications and personal experiences, share your stats with other enthusiasts and become part of a truly unique community.

There are plenty more features that we are currently working on so keep an eye out over the coming weeks and months. We hope you enjoy the website and become part of the TorqueStats community. Of course, if you have any feedback, good or bad, then please let us know.

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