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Volkswagen 21 window Samba Bus
Year Introduced 1964
Kerb Weight 1152kg
Engine Type Flat 4
Valves 8 valve
Cylinders 4 cylinder
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Displacement 2332 cc
Drive RWD
Transmission 4 speed Manual
Engine Location Rear Mounted
BHP 185 @ 6176rpm
Torque (lbs/ft) 133 @ 6176rpm
Wheel Power 140
BHP/Ton 163
0-60mph 6.5s
0-100mph 17.4s
60-100mph 10.9s
1/4 Mile 15.8795s
Terminal Speed 84mph
Top Speed (mph) N/A
Welcome to Orb666's Volkswagen 21 window Samba Bus...
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1/4 Mile Timeslip:
1964 21 Window Split Screen Samba Bus
Starting at the Front;
2 inch narrowed CB beam, 3.5in dropped spindles, coilover shocks, custom made, narrowed anti-roll bar, fully height adjustable. CSP disc kit and Java Raders running 145's
VW Jim - Rascal steering rack conversion

Creative Engineering IRS conversion using late bay brakes.
Gearbox built by Pete at the Cogbox with all the goodies - superdiff, welded 3rd and 4th, steel shift forks, strenthened side plates, stage 2 Kennedy Clutch, bay CV's and shafts, Java Raders running 205's

2332cc Type 1 based on CB Ali race case, CB forged crank with chevy journals and 8 doweled. (86mm x 94mm)-CB wedge ported heads 44m intake, 37.5mm exhaust valves pushing CB 1.4:1 ratio rockers - 9.7:7 compression ratio - WebCam 86c cam - weber 44mm carbs - stock tinwear - external oil cooler with fan and scope

This combo made 140bhp at the wheels on the RACESHACK Mustang Dyno (which is known to underead compared to most due the the nature of a chassis dyno) - this equates to about 185-190bhp at the crank.

This will increase when it has 48mm throttle bodies and fuel injection fitted (next step) and will then increase again to around 300+bhp when the turbo is plumbed in - watch this space.
No modifications have been written
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Comment on Orb666's Volkswagen 21 window Samba Bus...

Ran a slightly better PB of 15.5 at Big Bang but it's in having a fuel injection set-up fitted so I'll be chasing 14's real soon :-) Orb

adrian aubrey - 08/06/10

Ran a new PB at Bug Jam 23 of 15.62 - video added Orb

adrian aubrey - 02/09/09

Thanks - Glad you like it. Not bad for an old hippy bus!!! She's got a 14 in her and next year the aim is 13's! I'll keep you updated with the progress - it's taken 5 years, starting with a 22 sec qtr to get this far but I've been lopping time off

adrian aubrey - 09/06/09

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