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Toyota Starlet Kudos N/A
Year Introduced 1989
Kerb Weight 727kg
Engine Type Straight 4
Valves 16 valve
Cylinders 4 cylinder
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Displacement 1332 cc
Drive FWD
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Engine Location Front Mounted
BHP 120 @ 6300rpm
Torque (lbs/ft) 117 @ 5600rpm
Wheel Power N/A
BHP/Ton 168
0-60mph 6.01s
0-100mph 15.95s
60-100mph 9.94s
1/4 Mile 14.89s
Terminal Speed 95mph
Top Speed (mph) N/A
Welcome to enzo's Toyota Starlet Kudos N/A...
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The car started off as a 1995 2e 12 valve 75bhp uk spec starlet kudos with a base weight of 750kgs in most poverty spec with no power stearing bought for the princly sum of ?200

lightest of any car in its class competition wise by a considerable margin (106 rally, ax gt, metro gti etc, rover mini etc)

to start with i had a jdm version starlet ep82 s with 100ps 4e-fe 16 valve engine which imported in august 2010 and was messing about with which i got down to 760kgs from 810kgs standard but it had powerstearing, in order to get it down further would require a non pas rack which were pretty hard to find at the time, i scored a 15.7,

changed to a corolla inlet manifold and gutted a set of gt doors and hatch aswell as fitted 14s with 155/55/ nankang skinnies, whent back to the drags and got a 15.5

not bad for 107bhp aproximatly and incidently the same speed qm time as a toyota starlet glanza v turbo.

ive spent ages down the strip in the old white starlet s and have attached loads of vids, as you can see by them i can beat loads of higher powered cars off the line pretty easily

luck would have it someone smashed into the back of me writing off my pride and joy,

this is where the red starlet kudos you see before you came in, i reshelled the better jdm parts into the uk spec ep82 kudos shell and went on a proper diet, got it down to 727kgs and can get it down further when i go to the drags using the gutted doors(homebase perspex ftw, and gutted hatch)

stay updated for more vids of the red flush bus in action

potent performance doesent even describe it.
after this i sourced a jdm version 5e-fhe head (better cams) fitted a four branch hotshot headers and fujibutsu exhaust gutting the cat, along with fitting an emanage, lighter underdrive pully aswell as solid engine mounts, and lastly a six speed gearbox from a corolla g6r after swapping the bellhousings.
going by people with similar mods on that engine the car should be producing somewhere around 115-125bhp, and with a bantem weight its totaly block rocking and embarrasses much quicker cars on a daily basis

the performance stats speak from themselves

out with that it has some desirable wedsport td005 alloys(lightest 14s on the market)
bc racin coilovers
ect anti lift kit
and racing fluid
25mil hubcentric spacers for a bit of poke
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