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Larry Larson Nova
Year Introduced 1966
Kerb Weight 1588kg
Engine Type V8
Valves N/A
Cylinders 8 cylinder
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement N/A
Drive RWD
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Engine Location Front Mounted
BHP 2300
Torque (lbs/ft) N/A
Wheel Power N/A
BHP/Ton 1472
0-60mph 1.5s
0-100mph 1.9s
60-100mph 0.4s
1/4 Mile 6.934s
Terminal Speed 212mph
Top Speed (mph) N/A
Welcome to Notowel's Larry Larson Nova...
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 AMC 32
Disclaimer: This is NOT my car! http://bit.ly/1qNZWkt
Again, it's not my car, so I don't know which modifications were added to it!
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Comment on Notowel's Larry Larson Nova...

This isnt a road legal car, not really the point of torquestats in my op

Jonny Barclay - 31/12/14

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